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A Better Breakfast

September is the start of fall and the changing of the leaves, but one thing that isn’t as widely recognized about September is it’s also Better Breakfast Month.

What is Better Breakfast month?

Through the month of September, healthy breakfasts are celebrated and encouraged tOatmeal With Fruito improve health. In our opinion it’s just an excuse to celebrate the best meal of the day! Better Breakfast Month is celebrated on September 23, but we’ll be celebrating all month long with new recipes and ideas to spice up the start of your day.

Today, we’re sharing a few simple choices to kick start your day.

Oatmeal – Add fruit topping or cinnamon for extra flavor.

Fruit Salad – Our favorite combination is grapes, pineapple and mango.

Whole grain toast – Spread some delicious avocado on it for extra protein.

Smoothie – Great for when you’re on the go! Add greens and protein powder to keep you full until lunch.

What is your favorite breakfast combination? We want to hear from you! Check back throughout the month for recipes and tips for a better breakfast, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news in healthcare.


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The Importance of Being an Involved Father

This weekend we celebrate our fathers! Being a father is the most important role a man can have. They have a great responsibility to raise their children to be the best they can be. With it being Men’s Health Month and the end of Men’s Health Week, we want to help all of our dads (and future dads) out there be the best role model for their kids.

The making of a good father:

Being a father is hard work! But, it’s one of life’s greatest joys. A good father has many qualities which include:

Love: Always show love towards children and spouse.  Country-Father-And-Son

Patience: It takes a lot of patience to manage family, home and work life all at the same time.

Communication: Make time to talk to your children and get to know them.

Stability: Supporting a family through financial means creates stability. Stability within a family reduces stress and creates a positive atmosphere within the home.

Leading: Provide guidance and take advantage of teaching opportunities when problems arise for your children.

Honesty: Create a bond of trust between you and your kids so they feel comfortable discussing problems in their lives.

Loyalty: Stand by your children and spouse  through the good and bad times.

Benefits of a good father:

Children with involved fathers have a decreased chance of psychological distress, are more likely to be successful in school, are typically more likely to take an active role in the raising of their own kids, and are more likely to physically develop properly.  However, not all the benefits revolve around the child as the mother and father benefit emotionally and physically through their support for one another, leading to a stronger family relationship.

Here are some tips on how to set a healthy example for your children:

  • Leave work at workhappy_father_and_son
  • Create a routine
  • Do a weekly activity together
  • Play with your child (children learn a lot through play)
  • Work as a team with your partner
  • Support your child emotionally and physically

As you can see, dads are important! Take time this weekend to show appreciation to the fathers in your life. Encourage healthy habits, and support them in their successes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information concerning healthcare, insurance, and more.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

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What Do Our Clients Think About Us?

Read some testimonials from our satisfied customers…

Scott Casey of DEX Imaging, Inc.

I would recommend Anderson Thornton Consultants. We have found them to be an outstanding resource. Their team of benefit specialists have worked closely with our employees throughout the enrollment process, handling all details from start to finish. They offer tremendous support. I am extremely satisfied with their service and enjoy a very positive working relationship.

And here’s another…

Jerry Britt of Sealmaster

Mike and his company have helped us provide above-average benefits at an affordable cost. Our employees are the real winners and when they have great benefits they are happier more productive employees.

Call us today at 813.979.1588 or visit us online to schedule your appointment today! We are committed to providing the quality, integrity, and responsiveness that you demand.

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Creating Great Employees

How do you make good employees great? This is the question that many businesses face. Summarized below are tips from a great article, 5 Ways to Make Good Employees Great, by Dominique Barteet to help companies increase profits and decrease employee turnover:

  • Create a training program – Implement a training program for all employees to establish their duties and expectations.  A trained employee will have more confidence and a clear understanding of their job.  Also, provide an employee handbook to everyone in the company to establish the rules and expectations of everyone.  This will help create better productivity down the road.
  • Appreciate and acknowledge employees – It’s important to take time out of the day to appreciate and acknowledge employees when they do outstanding work.  Be sincere and specific when acknowledging them.  This helps create positive attitudes throughout the workplace and will increase work productivity.
  • Compensate employees fairly – After investing time and resources training your employees, make sure to compensate them fairly.  Money talks, and it’s important to offer your employees a competitive salary to keep them working hard and prevent them from leaving the company.
  • Develop a rewards program – A rewards program gives employees more of an incentive to strive for their best and promotes healthy competition within the company.  Create a program that is fun and encourages employees to get involved.  This will help employees take accountability in their actions.
  • Promote from within – It’s important to promote employees from within the company to help the company grow and gives employees a feeling of investment in the company.  Promoting from within creates loyalty and gives you a chance to see people’s strengths.  Employees that are familiar with the company can also help manage more effectively.

You can help turn good employees into great employees by creating training programs, appreciating and acknowledging employees, compensating fairly, developing a rewards program, and promoting from within.  These tips will help you increase company profits and decrease employee turnover!

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Creating Your Corporate Culture

How strong is your corporate culture? Corporate culture is about relationships, values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions.  It’s important to maintain your culture as your company grows. Here are four steps to maintaining your corporate culture:

Ask yourself what type of corporate culture you want the company to be known for? The first step to maintaining your culture is knowing what it is. Know what your values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions are. Also, determine what characteristics define your company. Make your values a part of your company from the way you behave to they way you make decisions.

Develop a strategic plan for implementing the corporate culture. Provide each employee with a handbook containing the company’s mission, vision, and goals so each employee knows what the company stands for.

Use storytelling to connect the company. Consider what traditions you want for your company and build them for the future. Traditions can range from company picnics to celebrating company accomplishments.  Storytelling is also powerful.  Employees should pass the culture down to new employees through storytelling so new employees can easily understand the culture.

Take ownership. Everyone in the company has the duty to take ownership in the company’s values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions. The culture of the company will change and evolve as new employees join the company but it’s important to define and own the culture.

Remember, your culture is determined by you. By knowing your culture, you can use it to your advantage and help your company grow.

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Fairness In the Workplace

How fair is your workplace? Many employees experience unfairness relating to management, pay, and employee recognition. All types of companies experience fairness issues, but it’s important to face the issues and solve them before they spiral out of control and have a negative impact on business. So what can you do to encourage fairness in the workplace?  Here are some ways:

  • Treat each employee with respect. This point seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t respect each other in the workplace.  This goes back to your childhood days when your parents told you to treat others how you’d like to be treated.  It’s also important to offer employees equal promotion opportunities. It’s common for promotions to cause problems in the workplace if they’re handled unfairly. Employees that feel respected and treated fairly will in turn help improve productivity in the workplace.
  • Ensure employee recognition. Unequal recognition can cause many problems in the workplace and can make people feel a sense of unfairness.  It can be a challenge to manage all employees equally; however, by ensuring that everyone will receive an equal opportunity it will encourage fairness in the workplace.
  • Pay each employee fairly. It’s important to ensure employees feel fairly paid.  Communicate with each employee so they are aware of total compensation, including base salary, bonuses, health coverage, etc. that each job position holds.

Unfairness in the workplace can be challenging, but by establishing a program to encourage fairness you can reduce these challenges.  Treating each employee with respect, ensuring employee recognition, and paying each employee fairly will help reduce employee concerns and help improve productivity in the workplace.

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Earth Day 2011: Being Environmentally Responsible

Did you know that Earth Day was this past Friday?  Friday was the 41st anniversary of Earth Day.  People around the world celebrated and raised awareness by participating in activities toward making Earth a greener place.  This year’s theme was “A Billion Acts of Green,” with the goal of generating a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before this year’s global Earth Summit in Rio.

So what impact does Earth Day have on your business?  Earth Day can be a great recruitment tool for a company.  Job seekers are increasingly looking for employment opportunities with environmentally responsible companies.  Being environmentally responsible is good for your company because it can positively affect your brand image and can be used as a competitive differentiator for your partners and clients.  Many companies celebrated Earth Day by taking initiatives to improve the environment such as having their employees ride bikes to work rather than driving cars.  Many companies are integrating corporate social responsibility into their business models and going green.  Additionally, many companies are embracing environmentally-focused positions and the trend is expected to continue to grow. 

Did your company take part in Earth Day or become more environmentally friendly?