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The Importance of Being an Involved Father

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This weekend we celebrate our fathers! Being a father is the most important role a man can have. They have a great responsibility to raise their children to be the best they can be. With it being Men’s Health Month and the end of Men’s Health Week, we want to help all of our dads (and future dads) out there be the best role model for their kids.

The making of a good father:

Being a father is hard work! But, it’s one of life’s greatest joys. A good father has many qualities which include:

Love: Always show love towards children and spouse.  Country-Father-And-Son

Patience: It takes a lot of patience to manage family, home and work life all at the same time.

Communication: Make time to talk to your children and get to know them.

Stability: Supporting a family through financial means creates stability. Stability within a family reduces stress and creates a positive atmosphere within the home.

Leading: Provide guidance and take advantage of teaching opportunities when problems arise for your children.

Honesty: Create a bond of trust between you and your kids so they feel comfortable discussing problems in their lives.

Loyalty: Stand by your children and spouse  through the good and bad times.

Benefits of a good father:

Children with involved fathers have a decreased chance of psychological distress, are more likely to be successful in school, are typically more likely to take an active role in the raising of their own kids, and are more likely to physically develop properly.  However, not all the benefits revolve around the child as the mother and father benefit emotionally and physically through their support for one another, leading to a stronger family relationship.

Here are some tips on how to set a healthy example for your children:

  • Leave work at workhappy_father_and_son
  • Create a routine
  • Do a weekly activity together
  • Play with your child (children learn a lot through play)
  • Work as a team with your partner
  • Support your child emotionally and physically

As you can see, dads are important! Take time this weekend to show appreciation to the fathers in your life. Encourage healthy habits, and support them in their successes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information concerning healthcare, insurance, and more.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

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