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10 Reasons Men Avoid the Doctor: No More Excuses!

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During Men’s Health Month, our goal is to encourage men to visit medical professionals in an effort to stay Athlete Eating an Applehealthy. Men think they’re tough, and as insurance agents we’ve heard all the excuses as to why they aren’t getting checked. When it comes to your health, there is no room for excuses.  It’s important not just for the individual, but loved ones as well. Scroll through our list of why men don’t get checked. Sound familiar?

“I don’t have a doctor”– Finding a trustworthy doctor can be very simple, checking with your insurance company can be a good source.  At Anderson Thornton Consultants, the MAPS program appoints medical professionals to assist you with any medical treatments you may need.

“I don’t have insurance”– If you don’t have insurance then you can always get a free quote online at our website.

“There’s probably nothing wrong”– While you may be correct, you’re most likely not a doctor.  It’s very important to consult a professional, as most conditions are easy to resolve early on.

“I don’t’ have time”– Spending an hour or two receiving medical care could greatly increase the amount of time you’re healthy. You wouldn’t want to miss out on watching the game with your buddies all because you didn’t go to your check-up, would you?

“I don’t want to spend the money”– Similar to the previous point, it’s better to spend the money now (when you’re not in the hospital) than to spend thousands when you’re in the hospital.  Being in the hospital is bad enough, take necessary precautions to prevent this from happening to you.

“Doctors don’t do anything”– It is not the doctor’s job to perform a miracle and make you healthy.  The doctor is there to provide you with the necessary knowledge and guidance to become healthy.younger guy visiting doctor

“I don’t want to hear what the doctor has to say”– Maybe you have bad habits that have resulted in negative health effects.  Your doctor can assist you with this. Don’t be surprised if he tells you to skip out on ice cream before bed.

“But, that sounds really uncomfortable”–  While most men don’t look forward to a prostate exam, as it is rather invasive, it’s imperative to a their health. To learn more about the prostate and other related issues check out our prostate guide.

“I’d rather tough it out”– While it may seem like the “manly” thing to do, it is not the healthy thing to do.  If living a long life is important to you, get checked!  Besides, real men get checked.

“But, honey I don’t need to go”– If your significant other is already pushing you to see your doctor give in and stay healthy!

Now, you’re out of excuses! Start your journey towards health today.

Check out Men’s Health Network for more information on staying healthy!

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