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What do our clients have to say about us?

  • Zeb Chevalier, CFO at Yacht Starship

    “I really appreciate your ability to understand the needs of my business. For the past several years you have been able to exceed expectations.”


  • Gail Mathews, Office Manager at John Bales Attorneys

    “The service Anderson Thornton provides behind their product makes my job much easier. The manner in which they educate and serve our employees really takes an enormous load off of me and my staff.”


  • Sherri Kitterman, Business Office Manager at Saint Paul’s School“I just wanted to say thank you again for the service you provide our employees. From Drew’s presentation to the one-on-one enrollments, our employees are guided through the enrollment process in a way that makes them feel much more confident about the choices they make. The experience and knowledge that each of you bring to the table is wonderful. As far as administration goes, you make my life so much easier.


  • Lisa Niven, HR Director at Tampa Baptist Academy

    “My employees enjoy the open enrollment process with Anderson Thornton. They take the time to educate my people on enrollment options and service issues where other brokers won’t.”


  • Charles Fitzgerald, HR Manager at Mine & Mill Industrial Supply

    “Having worked with several insurance agents, I was surprised to see how much work your firm does to help us with our benefits. Your enrollment service takes a load off of me and provides employees with a better understanding of their benefits. Your analysis on other products and services make my job much easier when it comes to renewal also.”

Author: hrmanbenefits

Anderson Thornton Consultants is a full-service insurance brokerage and employee benefits management firm based in Tampa, Florida, servicing businesses all over the United States.

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