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The Customer is always right, right?

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to any business owners when we say customer service is your ticket to success. If you are working in a business that thrives on the customer, why wouldn’t you tailor to all of their needs? This takes us back to the oldest tip in the book “the customer is always right” and if you don’t acknowledge that, well… good luck.

In OPEN forum‘s “8 Ways To Provide Outrageously Successful Customer Service”, they stress the importance of customer service and how those that “do it differently” stand out. We thought they had some great tips, we took the ones we thought were most important and put a spin on them… here they are:

1. “Customer service is everyone’s job.” They suggest requiring every new hire to spend the first two weeks in the customer service department, even if they won’t be required to ever speak to a customer again. This can even be seen as a test. We all know an angry customer does not always make for a nice customer. If the new hire can make it though the bad, you better believe they will shine in the good! Passion is the key to success, if your employee is still driven and excited for the job- you know you’ve got a winner!

2. “We burned up the scripts.” They meant exactly what they said. Tossing the scripted Q&A’s will absolutely make you stand out. Training your employees to use good judgment when taking customer calls gives them freedom to ask questions and make sure that your customers are truly happy. Let the customer hear your genuineness.

3. “We got rid of automated menus.” THANK GOODNESS! I don’t want to press 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 2, and 0 just to talk to someone. Why not just let me talk to a human? If you have them, use them. This is another way to stand out from everyone else in the customer service field. The easier you are to reach, the easier you are to do business with.

4. “We ask our employees how to make it better.” What better way to know how to make it easier and more helpful for the customer than by asking those employees who have to deal with them everyday? Listen, listen, listen!

5. “We are available any time.” Easier said than done, but if you can make it work you just left half of your competitors in the dust! Most people’s work phones go dead by the time 5 rolls around, but have you ever thought about the opportunities you could be missing? We are not saying live at your office, but you could get your calls forwarded to your cell phone. The easier you are to reach, the easier you are to do business with.

If you can make these tips work, you WILL stand out when it comes to customer satisfaction. We know that some of these tips can get costly, but money CAN by happiness in this case. Treat your customers with excellence and there is no reason they won’t come back, and with some friends.


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Anderson Thornton Consultants is a full-service insurance brokerage and employee benefits management firm based in Tampa, Florida, servicing businesses all over the United States.

One thought on “The Customer is always right, right?

  1. Thanks for sharing our contribution to the Open Forum! It’s really nice to see that we’re not alone in our feelings about customer service and how to make it work. Funny story is that so many people don’t expect us to answer the phone, so when we do, they are often caught by surprise — in the middle of conversations or their mouths full of food. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

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