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Creating Great Employees

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How do you make good employees great? This is the question that many businesses face. Summarized below are tips from a great article, 5 Ways to Make Good Employees Great, by Dominique Barteet to help companies increase profits and decrease employee turnover:

  • Create a training program – Implement a training program for all employees to establish their duties and expectations.  A trained employee will have more confidence and a clear understanding of their job.  Also, provide an employee handbook to everyone in the company to establish the rules and expectations of everyone.  This will help create better productivity down the road.
  • Appreciate and acknowledge employees – It’s important to take time out of the day to appreciate and acknowledge employees when they do outstanding work.  Be sincere and specific when acknowledging them.  This helps create positive attitudes throughout the workplace and will increase work productivity.
  • Compensate employees fairly – After investing time and resources training your employees, make sure to compensate them fairly.  Money talks, and it’s important to offer your employees a competitive salary to keep them working hard and prevent them from leaving the company.
  • Develop a rewards program – A rewards program gives employees more of an incentive to strive for their best and promotes healthy competition within the company.  Create a program that is fun and encourages employees to get involved.  This will help employees take accountability in their actions.
  • Promote from within – It’s important to promote employees from within the company to help the company grow and gives employees a feeling of investment in the company.  Promoting from within creates loyalty and gives you a chance to see people’s strengths.  Employees that are familiar with the company can also help manage more effectively.

You can help turn good employees into great employees by creating training programs, appreciating and acknowledging employees, compensating fairly, developing a rewards program, and promoting from within.  These tips will help you increase company profits and decrease employee turnover!


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