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Creating Your Corporate Culture

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How strong is your corporate culture? Corporate culture is about relationships, values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions.  It’s important to maintain your culture as your company grows. Here are four steps to maintaining your corporate culture:

Ask yourself what type of corporate culture you want the company to be known for? The first step to maintaining your culture is knowing what it is. Know what your values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions are. Also, determine what characteristics define your company. Make your values a part of your company from the way you behave to they way you make decisions.

Develop a strategic plan for implementing the corporate culture. Provide each employee with a handbook containing the company’s mission, vision, and goals so each employee knows what the company stands for.

Use storytelling to connect the company. Consider what traditions you want for your company and build them for the future. Traditions can range from company picnics to celebrating company accomplishments.  Storytelling is also powerful.  Employees should pass the culture down to new employees through storytelling so new employees can easily understand the culture.

Take ownership. Everyone in the company has the duty to take ownership in the company’s values, beliefs, norms, behaviors, and traditions. The culture of the company will change and evolve as new employees join the company but it’s important to define and own the culture.

Remember, your culture is determined by you. By knowing your culture, you can use it to your advantage and help your company grow.


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