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Earth Day 2011: Being Environmentally Responsible

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Did you know that Earth Day was this past Friday?  Friday was the 41st anniversary of Earth Day.  People around the world celebrated and raised awareness by participating in activities toward making Earth a greener place.  This year’s theme was “A Billion Acts of Green,” with the goal of generating a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before this year’s global Earth Summit in Rio.

So what impact does Earth Day have on your business?  Earth Day can be a great recruitment tool for a company.  Job seekers are increasingly looking for employment opportunities with environmentally responsible companies.  Being environmentally responsible is good for your company because it can positively affect your brand image and can be used as a competitive differentiator for your partners and clients.  Many companies celebrated Earth Day by taking initiatives to improve the environment such as having their employees ride bikes to work rather than driving cars.  Many companies are integrating corporate social responsibility into their business models and going green.  Additionally, many companies are embracing environmentally-focused positions and the trend is expected to continue to grow. 

Did your company take part in Earth Day or become more environmentally friendly?


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