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Steps to Giving Positive Feedback

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Is it hard for you to give constructive feedback to your employees?  For many, the answer is yes.  As a manager, it is your responsibility to give performance reviews.  Giving feedback to your employees helps them gain insight into how their performance is progressing, and can also help resolve any problems they’re experiencing.  It’s important to give feedback in a positive way to help the company grow and improve.  Frequent feedback lets employees know what they’re doing right and what they can improve on, and also lets them know where they stand at all times.

Here are some tips to giving positive feedback:

1)   Create safety – It’s important for the person receiving the feedback to feel comfortable.  If not, it can cause the feedback to be unproductive.   Create safety for the employee when giving feedback by not embarrassing them in front of coworkers or making them feel bad.

2)   Be positive – Positive feedback helps the recipient take new direction.  It’s important to balance any negative feedback with positive.  Giving too much negative feedback can be unproductive, causing the recipient to feel defensive and unresponsive.

3)   Be specific – It’s important to be specific and clear with your points.  When being specific, provide a positive direction.  For example, don’t tell someone they have a bad attitude, instead try providing them with solid examples of how their attitude affects the office.

4)   Be immediate – Productive feedback requires giving it frequently.  Feedback should be given immediately; however, it’s important not to criticize someone if front of employees or customers.  Therefore, make sure the time and place is appropriate.

5)   Be interactive – If there is a problem at work, talk to the employee to get their understanding of the situation.  The employee will feel less threatened if you talk about the issue and try to resolve it together.

Now that you have read these tips, providing positive feedback shouldn’t be as difficult as you once thought.  So the next time your providing employee feedback try these simple tips!


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