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Tips for Human Resources Training

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Is Human Resources training mandatory at your company?  Many companies don’t require it, but it can be very useful in today’s workplace environment.  If your company does require HR training, how effective is it?  It is critical for companies to use real time stories and other methods in training sessions to drive home the point of HR related topics.  Preparation for HR training is essential.

It’s important to use real time stories and role play when discussing some of the duller HR training topics such as sexual harassment, reviewing employee handbooks, and discussing legal policies. Here are some things to consider when preparing Human Resources training:

  • Rather than having employees watch a video about sexual harassment, consider having employees role play so they know what constitutes as sexual harassment and the consequences involved.
  • It’s also beneficial to use real time stories when discussing HR related topics.  If you hire a trainer make sure he/she has plenty of real world stories and workplace experiences to share.  If you decide to do the training internally, use examples you’ve experienced in the past or examples co-workers have experienced.
  • Know what training is mandatory in your state and consider implementing training programs before it becomes mandatory.
  • Consider including real examples and stories in your employee handbook for guidance.  For example, your handbook needs to include a harassment policy to inform employees how investigations are conducted if such a case arises.

It’s crucial to take HR training seriously because of the legal consequences involved, not to mention the costs.  If your company already has a mandatory HR training program in place, consider integrating these tips into the training.  If you’re thinking about starting a mandatory training program, make sure to serve the best interests of you and your employees!


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