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Finding Your Perfect Employee: Group Communicators vs. Individual Brainstormers

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In the work place there are two types of employees, there are group communicators and individual brainstormers.  During the hiring process, it is important to have an idea of what type of employee you are looking for, so you can fill the position adequately.  Understanding the difference between a group communicator and an individual brainstormer is the difficult part.  Here are some keys to help make sure you are fulfilling your businesses needs properly.

Group communicators are the employees who are willing to take advice from others and are willing to adapt to changes in the workplace.  This employee is easily liked by co-workers and has a strong ability to get the best out of their co-workers by just being his or herself.  In desperate times, this is the type of employee that will bond your workers together to make sure the job gets done.  The more interaction employees have with each other, the better they can understand each other’s jobs and what it takes to complete them.  Knowing what other employees are expected to have done helps the whole office stay in sync.

On the other hand, there are individual brainstormers.  They are the type of employee that needs very little training or direction to get the job done.  Individual brainstormers are more self-sufficient when it comes to getting the job done from start to finish; it takes them very little effort to learn a lot.  These employees are able to work with minimal supervision and rarely have questions about their job or how to perform it.  When it comes to completing a task, they are virtually independent which is great to have if you are in a deadline-oriented business.  You will also find that individual brainstormers excel in fast-paced efficiency oriented businesses where everyone has their own duties and projects to work on.  As is the case in both of these types of positions, independence is the key component for these employees to do the best job possible for the company. 

The main key, whether hiring a group communicator and an individual brainstormer, is to know your business and how your employees interact daily.  There are different types of employees for different positions; the key is to find just the right number of group communicators and individual brainstormers to allow your business to grow.  Every business has a different equilibrium of employee types, so before you hire; think of how the employee will interact with others, it may make your decision a lot easier in the end.


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