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Employee Retention: Keeping the Best People On Board

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In today’s hiring market, the importance of retaining your top organizational talent cannot be understated.  Although there are less opportunities these days on the open market, that does not mean there are not greener pastures out there for your top talent.  Keeping dedicated workers can make or break a business, so always keep in mind the importance of retaining good, quality employees.      

Provide opportunities for growth and development:

Ambitious employees are always looking to advance in their organization. As their employer, it is up to you to offer opportunities for team members to acquire new skills and knowledge useful to them in your organization.  If an employee feels that they have reached the pinnacle of their growing potential, they will inevitably seek a position that gives them the opportunity for growth.  It is up to the employer to keep their employees engaged within their organization by offering further training in different aspects of the business where they could contribute in different ways.  No employee ever wants to feel stuck in his or her current position, always keep opening doors and engaging them with new opportunity.

Loyalty and commitment:

If you want your employees to feel a sense of loyalty and commitment, make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve from their hard work.  In the workplace, employees know who the boss is, by showing workers they are treated as equals rather than hired hands; you will notice a better attitude and higher productivity being displayed in the office.  Don’t let your employees question their worth, offer your employees a competitive salary and honor their service and tenure with raises, bonuses, and other monetary rewards.

Keep the lines of communication open:

Employees like to know that they are being heard, remember, this does not always come in the form of a complaint.  Some of the best ideas come from the employees themselves, so be sure that you are listening.  When an employee feels that they are not being heard, their work becomes devalued in a sense that their opinions or ideas do not matter.  Keep communication open with your employees, whether the idea is good or bad; the most important thing is that they know you are listening.


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