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Are You Planning for Succession Planning?

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First of all, let me explain what succession planning is. Succession planning is creating a road map or guide for the future. In essence, you are looking at you staff, direction and who may be moved, promoted etc. This is the way you’ll grow and get from Point A to Point B. Without this you are basically throwing darts at a board and hoping everything turns out ok.

To drill down here, specifically, you are looking at who might fill what positions in the event the current employee is not there or has been moved into a new position. Most often this planning is for key roles and allows for some continuity and progress in the plan.

You are looking for those staff members who can be and who have expressed interest in being groomed to move up with the company. This also gives them an idea of the path and keeps them motivated knowing they re in the future plans.

In order to do this, you have to craft a business plan as well. You need som4thing that shows where you want to be in the next few years. Then you look at additional positions that may need to be designed, what those jobs will entail and who would be filling those positions. You are managing the direction of the business, the processes and the talent.

Once this has been completed then you have to monitor. It really can be simple but it does take time and effort to make sure it is appropriate for your business. Doing this will really keep your company on task and lay the groundwork for a smooth transition into the future.


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