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Top 2011 Employee Engagement Trends

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This article posted on really caught our eyes. In this article Kevin Sheridan CEO and Chief Consultant for HR Solution Inc. elaborates on top employer trends for engaging their employees for 2011.

1) With all of the mass layoffs, employee benefit cuts and pay cuts it is no wonder the many employees are becoming less engaged at the workplace. As a way to combat this many employers are encouraging that their top Actively Engaged employees to mentor the less engaged employees they will become more productive and excited about the work day.

2) As a result of the hard economic times company morale and engagement is relatively low. One survey conducted with 802 Human Resource Executives found out that nearly half, about 48 percent responded neutral when asked about employee engagement and morale at their workplace.

Now that the market is slowly coming back employers will focus more on gauging employee morale through meetings, focus groups, and surveys so that they can try to improve their workplace.

3)  Since the economy is improving many employees will begin to search for new job opportunities. As a result many employees will need to focus on employee retention strategies to keep them from changing jobs. Some ways employers might be able to combat this is to ensure that employees have competitive pay as well as quality health benefits that  will either meet or exceed other companies benefits. Better training as well as opportunities for employees to advance within a company will also ensure that they will be able to retain employees.

4) Employers will now begin to use social media sites more than ever to not only look up employees but to try and recruit them as well. Social media sites make it easier for employers to reach multiple candidates since they are so popular among professionals in the job market.

5) “Super Unions” which in essence are multinational unions formed across different countries will become very popular over the next year. The article states that the healthcare industry is more likely to form these unions. Many companies will begin to determine which departments are more likely to unionize and put measures in place to stop this.


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