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What is hrPOP and How Can It Benefit Your Business and Employees?

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With the implementation of the Healthcare Reform Act lots of businesses are finding that they are having a difficult time navigating the employee benefits sea. An article in states that small businesses typically pay 18% more than larger businesses. hrPOP is an excellent alternative for businesses and employees.


  • Huge savings on group health insurance premiums – up to 50%!
  • hrPOP is not a group plan therefore there are no contribution requirements and no participation requirements.
  • Employers can make contributions through a qualified HRA with very flexible contribution guidelines
  • Employers give their employees control of their health plan choices — eliminating the need for “one size fits all” plans.
  • Even though hrPOP is not a group benefit, employees can only enjoy the pre-tax advantage through their employer.
  • There is a one-time setup fee, however monthly fees are zero (with FICA savings).


  • Individual policies typically afford a 20-40% savings on your healthcare costs.
  • hrPOP gives employees ultimate control over your healthcare choices; you pick your carrier and the plan.
  • Your plan is 100% portable — if you leave your company, the plan goes with you!
  • Your employer can off-set the policy cost through a contribution to a qualified HRA. The contribution can be used to pay for your individual health policy, your dental/vision policy, or other voluntary policies.
  • Employees remain eligible for future subsidies under the Healthcare Reform Bill.

This plan allows employers to offer employee benefits and pay for some , none or all of the premium without committing every employee to the same plan. It has competitively priced premiums for individuals and families and can be run through your payroll service. Anderson Thornton is happy to be able to offer this as a very viable alternative for businesses  and help them offer more to their employees in turn. Let us help you keep your team happy today!

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Anderson Thornton Consultants is a full-service insurance brokerage and employee benefits management firm based in Tampa, Florida, servicing businesses all over the United States.

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