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What IS Human Resource Management?

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The simple answer is that Human Resource Management is the function of a department inside a business to manage Human Capital, specifically the hiring, on boarding, training, daily operational functions and terminating of employees. Additionally, the HR department is responsible for communicating and monitoring policies in the employee handbook. This can and should include employee benefits, compensations, leave, and compliance issues.


How does Anderson Thornton Consultants fit in? We are a full-service insurance brokerage firm based in Tampa, Florida. We can help your business navigate the compliances, benefits, and other employee related benefits issues. Think of us as your resource partners. With over 70 years of benefits experience, we have been servicing clients all over the United States. Our ability to acquire and retain our clients is what sets us apart from other firms. With our innovative business processes, we essentially become an extension of your human resources department. By improving communication and education of benefits within your company, you will see higher levels of engagement and retention from your employees.

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Anderson Thornton Consultants is a full-service insurance brokerage and employee benefits management firm based in Tampa, Florida, servicing businesses all over the United States.

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